About us

Our company started in 1991 with four employees. Over the years employee circle expanded, and currently we have over 50 staff. We make a wide range of furniture legs, chair frames, armrests, turned elements, children furniture and other wooden products upon client's request.

We export our production to many European countries such as: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Estonia etc. Our company is expanding rapidly and to focus on new activities.

Our competitive advantages: competitive pricing, delivery 100% just-in-time, reliable and fast service.

We use hardwoods such as: Oak, Birch, Beech, Walnut and Ash.

In 2014, company has implemented chain of custody system in compliance. We use only certificated wood. 

We are always looking for new lines of business and partners.



Make use of our wood - knowledge and our production facilities, and let’s create components together!